Let us source your products.

We have built an exceptional network of top quality producers and retailers within our region and beyond. Located in Chester, Montana we operate our elevator at the intersection of HWY 2 and US 223, and control premium BNSF rail siding. Being situated in the heart of the Golden Triangle, and along the U.S.-Canadian border allows us to move quality products from North America by truck or train.

We pride ourselves in our ability to maintain exceptional quality control. Our policy is to develop lasting relationships with superior producers. We get to know our producers and their farming practices. Familiarity like that requires field visits alongside those producers to gather first-hand knowledge of cropping conditions. This IS what we do. With our hands on approach, we can forecast future marketing trends early. We aim to procure only the best, and we know the best.

By relying our field expertise and vast network of producers, millers, exporters, and commodity traders look to us to source their premium quality commodities. Our mission is to unite farmers with the end users of their grains.

We not only have a strong producer base, but we also have the ability to transport our producer’s products with efficiency. With our rail siding located on the BNSF main line and numerous reliable trucking companies partnering with us, our potential for transporting commodities from North America around the World is limitless.